Tonight: Otto von Schirach at Artopia at the Freedom Tower

Photo by Sarah Sitkin
Otto von Schirach
What haven't we said about Otto von Schirach that needs repeating? The man is pure insanity behind the decks and a true performance artist. While Europeans goes ape-shit every time Otto crosses the Atlantic, Miami is more tepid about Otto. Why? We don't understand. The man brings the bass like it's going out of style.

But trust us when we say, if there is one reason to go to Artopia tonight at Freedom Tower -- the free booze and food aside -- it's to see Otto von Schirach perform. You won't be disappointed. Disturbed, maybe. But definitely not disappointed.

And with the added value of seeing Afrobeta and BFGF live as well, and trust us, this is going to party. Pre-sale tickets are no longer available, but considering it's just $20 at the door, it's still a steal.  The shenanigans start at 7 p.m.

Want to know what you are in for? Preview below.