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Last Night: Bass Sessions at Nocturnal


Tracy Block

Craze ripped a sick never-ending set at Nocturnal Wednesday, March 26 which had beat lovers gettin’ their groove on from the window to the wall.

Last Night: Bass Sessions at Nocturnal

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Downtown Miami’s Nocturnal night club certainly had it going on last night. Appealing to the booty music, heavy bass enthusiasts, dope beats were crankin’ out from 10 p.m. until 5 in the morn. Scenesters were clad in grungy attire, sure to sport some hot kicks so they could keep up on the dance floor all night long. DJ of the night, Craze, ripped it up with what seemed like a two-hour set, but we were all jammin’ so hardcore, nobody really kept track. Bringing the mostly twentysomething crowd way back to the middle school days, Craze let loose with a tribute to 2 Live Crew, Uncle Luke and 95 South and the floor was packed with pimps and hoes doing their thing better than those Daisy Duke-wearing skanks who graced all the old school music videos all those years ago.

Other DJs like Tittsworth, Krafty Kuts and Z Trip tore it up with a mix of breakbeats and electro with a packed house of more than a couple hundred dance stars kickin’ it. The crowd let loose when Craze announced new collaborations with Kanye West, with notable spinner A-Trak in the house to show some love. The tracks kept coming and Nocturnal’s top floor open roof top was the ideal setting for the mix masters to make shit happen, proving the party to be a memorable one for all WMC-goers, even for those cats who plastered out of their minds.

Hot Tip: I don’t care if the only pair of sneaks you own are eight-year-old New Balance cross-trainers, don’t head out without ‘em or you might as well schedule some sort of stellar foot massage lined up for the WMC damage. Kick it!

--Tracy Block