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Ten Prancercise GIFs That Will Brighten Your Day

Prancercise guru and founder Joanna Rohrback can tell just by looking at your face whether or not you possess the skillset and internal spirit necessary to master the graceful fitness art she's been fine-tuning since 1989. Or at least that what the announcer conducting the Prancercise live demonstration and contest at the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek last night told us.

By now, you're probably familiar with the springy walk-dance routine and all its variants, and surely you've ascertained it does in fact require a certain finesse.

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But Prancercising is as much a fitness workout as it is a state of mind. It's a physical embodiment of natural-born free will in motion -- a happy place, trotting alongside a majestic stallion across a grassy mountainside, untethered from the constraints of society... In your mind.

While the 61-year-old Florida native was reportedly somewhat tizzed at the format the folks at the Casino designed for her part-performance, part-contest live appearance last night in Coconut Creek, she certainly didn't let it dampen the pep in her step.

Broken into a series of heats comprised of eight contestants each drawn from a tumbler of names, the contest allowed random players on the floor of the casino to enter for a chance to win loads of cash-to-gamble prizes, with Rohrback as the "celebrity judge."

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What resulted wasn't exactly what we were expecting -- hardly any of the contestants had ever even heard of Prancercising. But while the event may have ended up being more about old casino regulars wiggling their butts on stage for money than for the magical fitness movement Rohrback has dedicated her life to, it doesn't change the fact that everyone had a good time watching, and we got lots of fun GIFs out of it.

Check out our top 10 Prancercise moments from last night in GIFs, below.

10. The Disco Prance

We're pretty sure these dancers the Seminole Casino hired to perform in between heats weren't trained at the Rohrback Institute for Prancercising. Let's just blame the sequin sashes. But we did sort of appreciate their disco spin on the original Prance moves.