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Nine Things Hipsters and Hippies Have in Common

We can debate eternally about whether the term hipster is "over" or even what characteristics truly define these typically slender snobs, but we'd rather just point out what they have in common with hippies. Why? Because the internet is our brain playground, and we can do whatever we want on it.

From the filthiest, cocaine-snorting, fake glasses-wearing camera hog at a dive bar to the sustainable living, loose, homemade, strawberry-dyed T-shirt-sporting butcher mom in Brooklyn -- we know what a hipster is. And a hippie? Well, if you're confused about that, read a history book, Google Grateful Dead, or call my mom.

Just like you can still sometimes find old dudes in bell-bottoms, long shaggy hair framing their bald spots, sporting tight tie-dyed T's, and dancing with abandon at a rave, you will one day spot old guys with very skinny jeans, asymmetrical haircuts, and tie-dyed shirts with cats on them looking snotty at a trendy outdoor concert 30 years from now. Though some would like them to disappear, the reality is, these trendy types are in it for the long haul.

Here's a guide that unites these "counter-culture" culture makers.

9. Kale and patchouli

If there's one popular plant that totally perplexes us, it's kale. There are plenty of healthy edible things out there that just don't need to be actually eaten -- kale is the king of those things.

But the fact of the matter is, those two paws reaching for the kale chips at your local Whole Foods (one stinking of head shop patchouli and the other drenched in Tom Ford's White Patchouli) are those of a hippie and a hipster, respectively.

There's also the off chance that both belong to Jennifer Aniston.

8. Fuel-efficient rides

You gotta give it to these two stereotypes: They both loathe their carbon footprints. Whether they're using biodiesel in their VW van or pumping the pedals of their fixie, they're staying as green as kale with Mama Earth in mind.

7. Poo-poo hair

Hair that is sticky from PBR-related splashings at like Union Pool with a touch of sweat from riding their bike to the bar, that is the crown of a hipster. The head of a hippie is just more "I haven't washed it in weeks -- I'm saving water" filthy.

A note to folks with raunchy locks: Dr. Bronner's doesn't really work well as toothpaste or shampoo. Just know that.