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September Sucks: 10 Psych-Rock Gems to Hide Away With

Every recluse worth their beard (or leg hair, if you're a lady) has a soundtrack to hide out to. 

Now it's September. The summer's over, leaving us only the tail end of brain-meltingly hot temperatures, unpredictable torrents of rain, a hangover, and a mess to clean up. As we slog through the political bullshit toward November, the desire to spend a bit of time hunkered away in a state of seclusion to recharge is strong.

Our preferred seclusion sonics are of the psychedelic variety: You can get lost in the sounds, regardless of whether or not you're in a state of chemical enhancement. Here are a few of our favorite psych-rock burners to keep you company in the dark. Don't do anything stupid. 

10. Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - "Vampire Circus" This band hates selling albums. They're British, use fake names, and press their vinyl in extremely small batches. That said, they're fantastic and pull off an authentic late '60s sound better than just about anyone else currently making records. Both of their releases,Vol 1 and Bloodlust, are winners from cover to cover.

9. Scorpions - "I'm Going Mad" Here is an extremely rare clip of the Scorpions (yes, the "No One Like You" Scorpions) showing us just how badly bands can stray from radness over time. Unfortunately, the other tracks that accompany this ace on the band's debut aren't nearly as strong.