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50 Cent Performs in Miami Tonight, Which Will Impress Some of You

Keeping this short, because there's no reason to be long-winded about a well-known rapper like 50 Cent. He needs no introduction, so I won't bother with one. Remember when he and Kanye West had a pointless retail war on the date that Graduation and Curtis were released a couple of years ago? I rooted for the guy who made Taylor Swift cry to topple 50 Cent. When Curtis was beefing with Rick Ross, I had a sudden urge to listen to "Yacht Club" and "Magnificent" for months at a time.

However, this is not about stopping anyone who wants to drop $56.50 on a 50 Cent show. If I really didn't want you to go, there'd be no point of mentioning the concert in the first place.

One other thought courtesy of Houston Press' Shea Serrano, who recently interviewed Curtis:

During a conversation about the cyclical nature of rap, the subject of

protégés came up. We pulled his card on it, saying "Kanye has Kid Cudi.

Jay-Z has J. Cole. Lil' Wayne has Drake. Where's yours, 50?" His

response: "You haven't heard Lloyd Banks?" He then went on to explain

how it's not one artist's job to groom an up-and-comer. He said the

lead artist simply cosigns for the new artist. It's up to the new

artist to leave his own imprint, just like he did after Eminem put him

on. He effectively disemboweled our attempt at calling him out in about

45 seconds. He is all about business.


only is that answer indicative of 50 Cent's artistic floppery, but it's

just boring. Serrano had to paraphrase Fiddy heavily to keep everyone

awake. When it came to reviewing Fiddy's stop in Houston, the same writer, who obviously wanted to like the show ends up titling his review "Has 50 Cent Jumped the Shark?" and it is a fascinating read.

Now get to that show and when some song about overcoming

the struggle plays, get extra fired up. No one's trying to take that

away from you. 

50 Cent. 8 p.m. Tuesday, June 15, at the Fillmore Miami at the Jackie

Gleason Theater, 1700 Washington Ave., Miami Beach. Tickets cost $40.50

to $56.50. Click here.