305 Fest Happens Friday to Sunday - Three Venues, Three Days, 45 Bands

305 Fest Flyer
305Fest is happening this week at the Firefly, maybe some stuff at Goo and maybe one other place which I can't figure out yet. It seems like it costs 25 bucks for three days of at least 45 bands with a really incredible amount of variety in music from grind to almost jammy type stuff. I also am really wondering if they are going to get anyone to pay anything as some of the kids in this particular group of kids seems to be shouting at me a lot about five-dollar shows, and if I do my math this comes out to roughly $8.33 per show or $1.80 per band. Regardless it would be a bargain at twice the price.  There are a lot of really excellent bands playing, no lie.  Anybody who is always going to big box venues like the Fillmore, Bank Atlantic, etc., but who really loves music in general would be extremely well served to go check something else out and see what the hell these sort -  of - gutter - punk looking kids on bikes are actually doing. There will also be an alleycat race and some other stuff too.