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2010's Top 10 Workout Songs Evaluated by a Gym Rat

Although we're slowly easing our way into 2011, we've only come a short way since last week musically. Well, you didn't expect Ke$ha and Flo Rida off the map just yet, did you?

The super-stat-oriented folks at RunHundred.com have revealed their Top 10 Workout Songs of 2010 that have taken over the earbuds of gym rats nationwide. We've taken the time to divide these Top 10 jams into their most rewarding workout categories, so you can experiment with an MYO playlist while you're on the fit (rather than fat) track to 2011. Try to zone out all the gym drama and focus on the (eating disorder) thin figure of Ke$ha and the washboard (we forgot to clean the BBQ sauce off) abs of Flo Rida instead.

An in-depth analysis of the Top 10 Workout Songs of 2010 with workout tips (hoping you can make it through with a spotter) follows.

1. Flo Rida & David Guetta - "Club Can't Handle Me" - This starter is

best for a treadmill warm-up. Less than five minutes, it's a great way

to get amped up. It's not offering enough juice for a sprinting session,

so crank your speed up to about 4.0 and get a little bit of an incline

(between 3.0 and 6.0) to loosen up your muscles and get your heart rate


2. Lady Gaga - "Bad Romance (Starsmith Remix)" - This

trippy little electro remix will get you going on the elliptical. Try

elevating to a 10 on your incline and sprinting completely at the

one-minute beat drop (200 strides is a satisfactory speed). The

"Starsmith Remix" will keep your pace heavy for the remaining four minutes

of the track; then go ahead and take a break from the synths for a few.

3. Ke$ha - "We R Who We R" - Not quite fast enough to get you at

heart-attack pace, you could try to get ragin' with her, but this Ke$ha

track is more for a recovery, whether you're speed-walking,

steady-sloping, or flat-road riding on your bike.

4. R.I.O. -

"After the Love" - This dude's certainly got the Bob Sinclair thing down

pat, just with a hint more island vocal flavor. Give this track a try in

the indoor cycling room, take your resistance up to about medium (6 or 7

on a scale of 10), and let your body flow with the irie vibes of this

feel-good jam. It'll get your hips shaking and your knees pulling to

its positive beat.

5. Pitbull & Akon - "Shut It Down" - In

the spirit of bikini bodies and dubstep, you'll find that this track

gives you the freedom to do anything at a harder pace, whether you're

working with high-resistance weights or hauling ass until you pass out,

there's something about the mix of the hip-hop, Pitbull, and robotic

electro that will link to your heart chamber and keep the adrenaline

flowing through the fadeout.

6. Taio Cruz & Ludacris - "Break

Your Heart (Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda Radio Edit)" - This is the

perfect track for a hearty spinning climb. The remix version and synths

will force your knees, but because it's not too fast, you'll be able to

slowly add resistance to your bike. Try riding in the saddle during the

verses and climbing out of the saddle during the chorus.

7. Black

Eyed Peas - "Rock That Body (Chris Lake Remix)" - Let's take it to the

Stairmaster for this one. Whether you're pumping your glutes on the giant

steps or the quick-stepper, this one works on both a slow pace and a

quick pace. If you're one of those steppers who likes to kick your legs,

make sure you've got your speed settings a bit lower than usual.

Hopefully, that Chipmunk in the background will inspire you to get to

the top of the hill a bit faster. Props if you make it through this one

without throwing your iPod across the gym.

8. Yolanda Be Cool

& Dcup - "We No Speak Americano" - Perfect for working those abs on

the mat, in the sauna or on the machines, you can work steady reps to

this joint; its own repetitive beat will easily get you lost, so pay

attention to your counts.

9. Shiny Toy Guns - "Major Tom" - Now's

the time to sprint your face off. Regardless of the apparatus you're on,

you can use your legs on any cardio machine to the "Four,

three, two, one" countdown of this one while also balancing a few seconds of

recovery in between. If you're into interval training, you might find

yourself into tracks that switch from high to low beats per minute; even

a bridge thrown in the middle is a signal for a harder push.


Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina - "Stereo Love" - This workout has

certainly had its ups and downs, but we can slowly turn the volume knob

down on this one. Even though those fun little loop effects make you

feel hardcore, you'll notice this is the perfect combination to

start bringing you down. It's not the chosen cool-down song, for those

are always saved for Coldplay, Sia, and any other euphoric, settling

songs. The more strenuous and energetic your workout is, the more you

need to focus on recovery.

So, now that you've tried out the Top 10 Workout Songs of 2010, you'll be inspired to start digging

through whatever Torrent archives or sharing libraries you can get your

hands on. As a fitness fiend myself, I wouldn't recommend this one on

replay anytime soon. Namaste.