BSO Conducting "Aggressive Driving" Patrol Friday Night

Whatever your plans for this Friday evening, just be sure of one thing: Do not drive like an asshole.

That's because the Broward Sheriff's Office is unleashing a cavalry of units known as the Broward County Aggressive Driving Task Force onto the streets to make sure you people pump the brakes a little and stop being so aggressive on the roads.

Dubbed Operation Friday Night Lights, the task force will be saturating the roads of Broward County tonight to "identify and stop dangerous drivers" throughout the usual busy Friday-night roads.

Unlike their DUI checkpoints, the operation isn't happening on any specific street or road.

Instead, BSO is teaming up with other law enforcement agencies to form a sort of Voltron of cops to keep people from driving too fast and too aggressively, putting themselves and others in danger.

The other agencies include the Florida Highway Patrol as well as law enforcement officers from Margate, Coral Springs, Lauderhill, Coconut Creek, and Davie.

"Aggressive driving has become a serious problem on our roadways," says BSO Officer Gina Carter. "The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines aggressive driving as occurring when 'an individual commits a combination of moving traffic offenses so as to endanger other persons or property.'"

What cops specifically will be looking for are cars going over the speed limit, as well as cars that tailgate, make unsafe or erratic lane changes, and cars that run stop signs and yield signs.

Also, if you interpret a yellow light as a reason to speed up to avoid the red, you're going to want to chill. So, don't run any red lights, and do stop at a railroad crossing when the signals go off.

Be safe out there. And, be cool. THE TASK FORCE WILL BE WATCHING.

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