Miami Herald Sex Scandal: The Emails

The Miami Herald broke the story this morning about an allegation that the man recently selected to become superintendent of Miami-Dade schools had an adulterous relationship with former Herald education reporter Tania deLuzuriaga (now with Boston Globe).

But the new supe, Alberto Carvhallo, claims a string of emails that serves as evidence of what would be a sleazy and unethical affair was "doctored" and the allegation isn't true.

Big props to the Herald to get on top of this story in a professional way, even though it's embarrassing to the newspaper. But the paper didn't publish the emails themselves. Enter Miami New Times reporter Francisco Alvarado, who published in the Riptide blog some of the more salacious stuff from the emails, in which he plays a small role:

The first string of e-mails began on July 19, 2007 whilst deLuzuriaga was on a 40-mile bike ride. Subject line: “Fuzzy.” She wrote: “It occurred to me while I was riding that I seem to have forgotten to bathe the past two days. I also haven’t shaven since I left Miami. Thought you might like that image.  If you say you’d still go down on me I’ll call you a liar. Hope your day is wonderful. I love you.” His reply: “Don’t shave.”

On August 3, 2007, deLuzuriaga forwarded Carvalho the messages between her and colleague Matthew Pinzur discussing this reporter's Rudy Crew story. Subject line: “seen this in today’s new times?” Pinzur wrote: “Frank is a decent guy, but it was also his “article” (really just a raw dump of public records) about Art Teele that was dressed up with Grand Theft Auto graphics the day Teele killed himself.” She replied: “It’s killing me too, especially after the stories I wrote Wednesday about budget and bonus…did you see the comments?”

Four days later, deLuzriaga allegedly wrote Carvalho an email with the subject line: “Leaping?” She wrote: “Will you be completely offended if I leap into your arms the next time I see you (place permitting)? Like in the movies, with arms and legs wrapped around. Like what I wanted to do Thursday and didn’t and when I said I wanted to you asked why I didn’t…love, love, love you xoxoxo.”

God, why is South Florida such a boring place to be a journo?