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FBI Protecting Herald's Pitts

Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. is getting threats from white supremacists -- and the FBI is on the case, according to Greg Gordon, of McCatchy's Washington bureau. The owner of a supremacist website called overthrow.com has made a lot of hay over Pitts' column of June 3 headlined "'Oppressed' Whites? Give Me A Break."

Overthrow.com owner Brian White (yeah, that's supposedly his real last name) posted Pitts' address and phone number, prompting threats. When Herald managing editor Dave Wilson asked him to take it down, White wrote: "We have no intention of removing Mr. Pitts' personal information. Frankly, if some loony took the info and killed him, I wouldn't shed a tear. That also goes for your whole newsroom."

As you can see, it's a vile site -- predictably full of both racism and anti-Semitism (though it is sometimes inadvertently humorous: The "most popular" link at the moment is something titled "Whites have bigger cocks than blacks"). And I'm sure this little bit of news concerning Pitts (which actually was first written about by Rob Redding on his site Redding News Review) will be the best thing that ever happened to it.

(Update: The above post has been corrected to show that the Redding News Review broke the Pitts story. I strongly urge you to click on the site, which now has a post up about White's links to the Washington Times). After the Jump: Jicha On Seidlin and More Moore

-- TV critic Tom Jicha on his Sun-Sentinel blog: Outgoing Broward judge and possible future TV judge Larry Seidlin is an "attention whore."

-- Yep, Palm Beach County elections supervisor Arthur Anderson is still incompetent, as this article by George Bennett in the Post clearly illustrates.

-- The Miami Herald and Sun-Sentinel write up the bust of Carlton Moore's son. I still can't believe they gave Martin life.