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Le Batard's United Nations Bomb

Here's what Miami Herald sports columnist Dan Le Batard wrote in his column Friday:

"And you'll have a hard time finding a leader anywhere in sports who was as unlucky this year as Cameron. Six three-point losses. Zach Thomas and Trent Green and Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams all injured in ridiculous ways so that he was eventually starting a United Nations huddle of a Mormon quarterback, Mexican receiver, Somoan fullback and some guy named Lekekekkkkerkker. And now Parcells happens to him."

You won't find that passage on the current online edition, however. It's been expunged by editors.

But yeah, you have to feel sorry for any team that is forced to play a Mexican-American -- I mean look at the poor teams that had to field Anthony Munoz and Max Montoya. And wow, what a handicap those Samoan players are. How did Junior Seau even get in the league? Some kind of affirmative action program?

But I do have a question for Le Batard (borrowed somewhat from Salt Lake Tribune columnist Paul Rolly): What country do Mormons represent?

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