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Website Designer Accuses Judge Skolnik Campaign of Being Cheap, Nasty

Broward Judge Peter B. Skolnik has had his campaign website taken down based on allegations by the web designer that Skolnik's people have refused to pay for their bills and made threats against the design firm.

On the right, that's the image that's currently dominating the front page of And now if you click on the website's link, you can really find out some interesting stuff about the candidate, including his penchant for nasty emails.

From a July 16 email that appears to have been transcribed by Skolnik to an associate with his campaign:

Now you're looking at a defamation lawsuit and prosecution for extortion in addition to everything else. You not only stole and highjacked [sic] Judge Skolnik's domain names and website, now you are publishing a false statement to the world using the stolen domain names that [have] harmed his reputation.

The note demands that the web designer forward "all codes and domain names, pictures and whatever other property rights you have converted and stole. Failure to comply shall require further legal action."

Scary, eh? The web designer, who has redacted his or her name from the emails, claims that the allegation of theft is a "bold-faced lie" and that he or she produced video and photography at the behest of Skolnik's campaign, which then refused to pay for it.