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City Link Layoffs

This email, unconfirmed, landed in my box today:

On Thursday, February 28, City Link Managing Editor Jake Cline made some staffing cuts. Those who got the ax were: Copy Editor Jana Bielecki, Senior Writer T.M. Shine, and Writer Bon Weinberg.

If this is true, then it is truly disturbing. Jana is an old friend who used to work at New Times and T.M. Shine, the humor columnist and reporter who eats lunch alone, is the heart of that publication. Bob Weinberg, too, is a stalwart. Look, City Link largely gave up the journalism ghost a long time ago when it became a cheap pop vehicle. But this is a sign (again, assuming it's true) that it's not trying at all anymore. It's not nails in the coffin (they were already there) but the dirt covering it up.