Last-Minute Christmas Shopping On South Florida's Craigslist

Well, it happened. You've crossed into the Red Zone. We know, we know, you meant to get around to it yesterday, but TNT threw on a back-to-back showing of the Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended cut) and you ate all those cookies. Now it's 9 am on Christmas Eve day and your bag of gifts is completely empty. If you want to avoid all those tears and angry looks coming from the other end of the dinner table on Christmas Day, you're going to have to act quick.

The options are limited. The mall? You kidding? At this point, with all the last-minuters already there, you need to put a Chernobyl-length distance between yourself and any shopping venue, for the sake of mental stability. Unfortunately, online outlets are also no help in this situation. Unless . . . you turn to Craigslist.

We decided to do the hard work for you, dipping into the vast, unedited, and endless live-stream of strange and weird offerings from South Florida natives. Some of these gems might be the best bet for saving Christmas.