GOP Lawmaker Tries To Give Away Hummer ...

... and not the kind you drive.

State Rep. State Rep. Bob Allen was arrested yesterday after he police say he offered to give oral to an undercover male officer for twenty bucks in a public bathroom.

After the arrest, Allen, a married father who gets an A-rating from the Christian Coalition, told a TV understanding it was a "gross mistake" and a "big misunderstanding."

Yeah? How big was it, Bobby?

Think Allen might be a hypocrite? Oh yeah. Big time. Here's a synopsis of a law he sponsored that I came across from a nudist site while searching his name on the Nets:

HOUSE BILL 1475 Sponsor: Rep. Bob Allen (R-Merritt Island). This bill broadens the scope of Section 800.04 of the Florida Statutes. That section specifically addresses “lewd or lascivious exhibition,” including public masturbation. HB 1475 broadens the scope of 800.04 to include lewd acts committed in the presence of those of any age, not just those under the age of 16, as the existing law specifies. HB 1475 does not mention 800.03 at all, but it increases the penalty for lewd acts under 800.04.

Gee, a politician goes out of his way to punish people for "lewd acts" (in a bathroom) while apparently secretly wanting to commit said lewd act all along. Wonder if any other politicians fall into this category? Paging Jim, Mayor Jim.

After the jump: Another Broward Judge Acts The Fool

A judge about to sentence a high school student for bringing a razor blade to school shoots his mouth off and compares the kid to the Columbine killers.

And, thankfully, it got Broward Circuit Judge Charlie Kaplan thrown of the case.

Wanda DeMarzo supplies us with Kaplan's words after he disagreed with a case manager and the mother, who both said the kid wasn't dangerous and hadn't been in trouble before:

"He's walking around with a razor in his pocket; he's wearing black; his fingernails are black; he's got that thing in his ear . . . I think if you look around at all the kids that are doing things in school, they're dressing this way. ... I mean, I'm no expert. I just know what I read in the papers, but it's like Columbine, right? He's dressed in black ... He's depressed."

Kaplan was right -- he is no expert.

And don't judges wear black too?