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Flat-Out Comment Cleaner (and Facebook Thing)

[Meeting a player in the Moroccan aspect of this story now. Will update as soon as I get back. Should be illuminating].

That's all this is. Too many comments in the last post, need a fresh slate. I'm trying to track down a couple of people and will put up a real new post soon.  

In the meantime, I finally got a Facebook thing going. I've had one sort of incognito for a while, just so I could get access to the pages for reporting purposes. I just didn't have time for another web-based thing. Over the months, folks found the page and friend-requested, but I didn't want to get into it, so I let it lie. Well I stopped resisting and activated those this morning, and I think it all could be an interesting extension of the Pulp Nation here. It could be a good organizational tool and a common place for people who want to clean up this town. I might put some bits of raw intelligence up there that aren't quite fit for the blog, as well. Click here to friend up

By the way, we're close to a million page views since Rothstein erupted. I'll let you know when it hits.