A Bull Chased a Florida Trooper Around His Car (Video)

Alachua County deputies were responding to a crash of a trailer on I-75 over the weekend. A routine part of the job.

What they didn't realize was that the trailer involved in the crash was ripped open during the accident.

And what poured out was a giant-ass bull that proceeded to chase the cops down.

The bull first took a run at Sgt. Richard LaLonde, knocking him over onto the middle of the road like a matador.

The dashcam on one of the cruisers then captured the bull chasing Trooper Matt Simmons around his car.

Simmons evades the hornless bull, diving over the hood.

Luckily, LaLonde was only banged and bruised. Things could have been much worse.

And by "much worse," we mean LaLonde could've been gored in the balls.

"Some bruised ribs, a bruised elbow, and a bruised knee and nothing too serious," he told WESH 2. "He actually hit me in my left hip. If he had horns, he would have hit me in the mid-area."

Things didn't end as well for the bull. The deputies ran him down and were forced to take him down with shotguns.

The video below of Simmons is pretty funny. Although it's always easy to make fun of someone else facing mortal danger, knowing full well if we were being chased by a rabid bull, we would've Al Roker'd the situation and sharted our pants.

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