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Class at Broward College Reportedly Interrupted by Child Porn (Updated)

UPDATE, 3:26 p.m.: Received a statement from Broward College. Modified the post accordingly.

A developing story from Gossip Extra: Apparently, a police leadership class at Broward College's central campus was dismissed early today after "what appeared to be child porn popped up on the instructor's computer as he taught."

The class is taught on the campus by the Southern Police Institute, and Jose Lambiet points out that the instructor's online bio notes that he's heavily involved in police efforts to combat "sexual predators who use the internet to hunt children."

Broward College's Institute of Public Safety trains all of the police officers in Broward County, as well as some from Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties, according to a statement. This class looks to be part of a program in which the college offers facilities to other agencies, in this case the University of Louisville. Here's the official statement from Broward College:
A disruption in a class operated by the Southern Police Institute occurred on Wednesday at Broward College's Institute of Public Safety, where it was being conducted. The cause of the disruption remains under investigation by police agencies, but no arrests were made. The staff and administration of the IPS are cooperating fully with officials investigating the matter.