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FPL Customers Being Targeted by Email Scam

An email scam is targeting Florida Power & Light customers, the utility company announced Thursday.

Both customers and noncustomers have reported receiving bogus emails that request personal information.

The emails are disguised as monthly bills from FPL (or other utilities, such as Pacific Gas & Electric), and the company is warning that the links contained in the fake email are malicious.

On Thursday, FPL alerted customers to be on the lookout for these suspicious-looking emails, and warned people not click on any links or send any personal information.

We received a warning email from FPL, which reads:

If you receive an FPL email bill that looks different from your normal bill or seems suspicious in any way, do not click any links. Look at the account number to verify that it is your actual account number. You can find your account number by looking at an old bill or by logging in to your account on FPL.com. If the account numbers match, then the email is a legitimate email from FPL. If they do not, delete the email immediately.

FPL says it never sends this kind of email.

Here's what the scam email looks like (click to enlarge):

FPL says that if you think you may have been a victim, make a report online to the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force at stopfraud.gov.

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