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No Drama in Hollywood

After the hero vanquishes the villain, it's usually our cue to leave the theater. And so it is with Hollywood politics. Peter Bober (right), the fresh-faced, sweet-talking protagonist who in lieu of a Bat-mobile drove a Segway, toppled the tyrannical regime of Mara Giulianti a year ago.

Say what you will about Giulianti, whose faults were well-chronicled by this publication, at least she had passion. "When Mara wanted something done, she'd fight to the death," says one Hollywood observer. "I haven't seen Bober do that once. I'm telling you, he just likes the title."

To be fair, Bober has much better judgment than Giulianti, whose energy was frequently applied in the wrong direction. And he's not only had to face the international economic crisis, he's had to do so at a time when the city is still hungover from the spending spree that happened on Giulianti's watch.

But the one thing missing from yesterday's Miami Herald article is the impact of a few hundred votes one year ago. In District 1, real estate agent Patty Assef edged activist Sara Case by just 197 votes. In District 6, Ed Holodak lost to Linda Sherwood by only 177 votes. Assef and Sherwood have favored the Giulianti program of giving latitude to the city's disaster-prone Community Redevelopment Agency and trusting that developers will keep their promises. Case and Holodak campaigned against that culture. Had those two scored a few hundred more votes, they'd have joined Commissioner Heidi O'Sheehan and the new mild-mannered  mayor in a 4-3 majority that would have made Hollywood City Hall tough sledding for lobbyists and developers for the first time in a generation.