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Tragic News

Look, I might be wrong. In fact, this blog might better be titled "I Might Be Wrong, But ..." In the case of the V. Tech killings, I'm seeing a dysfunctional police department. Why do I say this? Well, it's more than just the time delay between the two shootings, which screams obvious questions. First one: Why didn't they secure the damn campus? But it's also because they won't supply the identify of the shooter. I mean, how long are they going to make the public wait to know who did this? Clearly the V. Tech cops are out of their league, but worse than that is that they obviously want to cover their asses. How do they do that? They hold the info close to the vest, even the most fundamental facts. Think about it. The 9-11 killers were identified publicly within a few hours.

But the dubious P.D. had done a good thing. The dearth of information has exposed the ridiculous management at the big cable stations. I came home at about 9:45p. On CNN, they were interviewing ... Dr. Phil. He was on there talking the exact same ridiculous

crap you would imagine him spewing. Turned it to Fox News, which actually sometimes kicks ass during national tragedies. In this case, their reporting was a bit stronger during the day, but here's what they had us endure: Sean Hannity interviewing Mark Fuhrman. Then a buddy of mine told me that on MSNBC (which earlier in the day had a headline that read: "Tragedy of tragic proportions") Joe Scarborough was blaming this thing on Hollywood.

So in that respect, I congratulate the V. Tech police for exposing the competence-challenged national cable news networks. Job well done.