How to Cook the Books: Eight Ways Larry Tibbs Allegedly Screwed Up Lauderdale Lakes Budget Projections

​It should be noted up-front that Larry Tibbs hasn't had a chance to respond to the charges lined up in a Broward Inspector General report leaked yesterday -- he has 30 days to submit a rebuttal, which he said yesterday he fully planned to do.

But the allegations of wild mismanagement in Lauderdale Lakes are not new, and the report pretty specifically points to Tibbs as the guy doing the ol' shake-and-bake with financial spreadsheets, faking projections and at one point cutting a $1.2 million check to the sheriff's office that he knew wouldn't clear.

To be fair, Tibbs couldn't have done this alone. Many people -- including current City Manager Jonathan Allen -- had to either ignore the messed-up numbers or be clueless enough to not notice. In any case, here are eight ways the OIG report says Tibbs played that funky budget.