FAU Trustee Angela Graham-West Explains Why She Felt Harassed; Students Call for Restraining Order Against Allen West

Today former U.S. Rep. Allen West posted threatening-sounding messages on his Facebook and Twitter accounts, suggesting that Florida Atlantic University students had harassed his wife, Angela Graham-West, a trustee at the school.

This afternoon via phone, Graham-West explained what prompted his message.

"This all started out as an internal thing," she said. Several weeks ago -- before the deal for FAU to accept $6 million from private prison operator GEO Group in exchange for stadium naming rights was cancelled -- two male students "with some group called 'Owlcatraz' entered my office talking about all kinds of crazy stuff, like how I should resign from the board."

Graham-West, who was formerly a business professor at Kansas State University, said they told her secretary "a story" to get past the front desk and entered her office uninvited and without an appointment.