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Hallandale Mayor Calls Special Meeting to Discuss "City Manager's Employment"

Hallandale Beach City Manager Mike Good might be in hot water with his most important political ally. The Juice has learned that Mayor Joy Cooper has called a special meeting for Friday morning with the expressed purpose of discussing the "city manager's employment."

Cooper could not be reached by phone and didn't immediately return a message asking her to elaborate on her reasons for calling the meeting. Good wasn't in City Hall when I called a few minutes ago.

Of course, Good has recently been the subject of critical coverage on this blog. It started with the revelation that Good had signed a real estate agent named Joe Kessel to a consultant's contract, without disclosing that fact to at least one commissioner. Though Mayor Cooper told Juice she was aware of the contract, she may not have known about an apparent conflict of interest whereby Kessel took a broker's fee of more than $15,000 after the city spent a half-million dollars on land for a city park.

Kessel may have also played a role in what looks like increasingly like a bad deal the city made with a former pornographer named Steve Fecske, who got at least $75,000 in loans from the city's Community Redevelopment Agency to post electronic advertisements throughout the city.

For years Good has clashed with Commissioner Keith London, who last year was furious about Good's spectacular city paycheck and who most recently has complained about Good's resistance to filling London's requests for public records.

In what Good claimed was a move to protect city workers from what he deemed sexually explicit imagines on this blog, the Juice website has been blocked in City Hall.

Good is armed for battle, if it comes to that. As ChangeHallandale.com points out, Good's most recent contract stipulated that he could only be removed by a super majority -- meaning four votes -- even though city's charter says he can be fired with a simple majority -- three votes.