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Salomon Melgen's Attorney Cousin Claims There's a Conspiracy Out to Get the Doctor

Last week, we told you about how FBI agents raided the West Palm Beach medical office of Dr. Salomon Melgen, an eye doctor and contributor to New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez. Melgen also may or may not have provided the senator with underaged Dominican hookers.

Then, we told you how the FBI would not tell Melgen why they raided his place of work.

And now things get weirder with Melgen's lawyer making accusations of a larger conspiracy against the doctor, while Univision has a shaky report that one of the hookers linked to the whole story may not be a hooker after all.

Vinicio Castillo, a prominent Dominican Republic attorney who also happens to be Melgen's cousin, has come out and said the raids are part of a larger smear campaign aimed at discrediting the doctor, who at one point had a multimillion-dollar contract to place x-ray machines at Dominican ports for security purposes, and now suddenly doesn't.

Melgen bought out the company that had originally signed the contract with the Dominican government. The contract was for an estimated $500 million to $1 billion over 20 years, which raised a lot of eyebrows due to it being a crapload of money, while the x-ray machines have yet to be installed.

Castillo contends that the "diabolical plot" is all about halting that contract and not at all the fact that it's worth so much money with no work being done yet. The plot includes Melgen supplying his pal, Menendez, with underaged prostitutes in Dominican Republic -- a charge the senator has obviously denied.

The charges surfaced when conservative website the Daily Caller interviewed one of the alleged prostitutes -- one Yaneisi Fernandez . But today comes the revelation that Univision is saying one of the women interviewed wasn't actually a prostitute.

Fernandez tells the Spanish-language network that she's not a prostitute, while her mother claims to have a certificate that proves Taneisi is, in fact, a virgin.

As the Miami Herald points out, there are some holes to this story, such as Fernandez's name being spelled differently from the original report, as well as a failure by Univision to let viewers know how they tracked her down, and, of course, the existence of a certification that proves people are virgins.

As for Castillo, he says he will formally request Dominican authorities to open an investigation into the source of the "diabolical plot" that is looking to smear Melgen and Menendez with stories of Dominican sex parties with underaged prostitutes.