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FAU "Green Mann" Entertains Some, Disturbs Others

He won't share his real identity. Not yet, anyway. For now, the man known around the Florida Atlantic University campus as "Green Mann" enjoys the stunned reactions and awkward stares he gets as he dances around in a skintight, bright-green Spandex-esque costume.

He doesn't speak while wearing the green suit -- "Miming is VERY fun," he typed earlier today. In an interview conducted via email, he says he is promoting environmentalism and "building a community of friends with one common interest, me."

He says he got the idea for the suit, which is the same type used in the show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (see the clip below), when he saw a man at another college campus holding a sign reading "U R AWESOME" and giving students high-fives.

"It was cool to see students off the phones or walking alone and communicating with strangers or smiling," says Green Mann, a junior at the university. "It seems like no one smiles.
I encourage the people I meet to let loose and dance. I wish I had a green man running around campus my first two years."

He often wears underwear on the outside of the suit, but he says there's never anything underneath.
"I have tried showering in my suit for fun," he says. "But I typically take it off when I leave campus."

Sometimes girls on campus want to give him a hug. Sometimes people dance along and ask him to pose for photos. Other times, though, students are creeped-out by the suit -- or more specifically, the vaguely visible outline of genitalia.

"It was weird hanging with him," says Mariah Kenny, a student who recently encountered Green Mann on campus. "He doesn't talk at all, so it was hard to have a conversation. But he was willing to take funny pictures with us and hang out for a while."

Once in a while, someone yells out an insult to him as he's dancing around. That's when the not talking can be an issue. "When I have a witty comment or a comeback to a diss someone threw at me and I can't say it," he says. "Ugh, it is so frustrating."

Another problem with the green costume: "My eyesight is terrible while in the suit. I can't recognize my friends." Also, he says people often offer him food, though he can't eat while wearing the suit. "I don't mean to cause trouble, but I find myself in it constantly."

He has more than 2,800 Facebook friends and regularly sends out status updates like the one this morning: "Going for a stroll, finally a cold day!! Someone keep me warm (hugs, blankets, sweaters, urine, microwaves, intensive rubbing, breathing-on-me contest, excessive loving, and more urine)."

He says he will unveil himself once he has 3,700 friends on Facebook. Why that number? "Thirty-seven is a special number that appears constantly in my life. I see it driving on license plates, phone extensions, on jerseys, in between 36 and 38," he says. "Seriously, it is very prominent in my day-to-day routine."

In the meantime, we'll continue to follow the saga of the FAU Green Mann.