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Spinal Cord and More Unearthed in Delray Beach Backyard

Twenty-two-year-old Alayna Lakatos admits that the backyard of her house on Seventh Avenue in Delray Beach needs landscaping. There's hardly any grass. She moved in last month with two roommates, but on Saturday, January 25, her roommate's dog, Otis, a German Shepherd-Lab mix, was outside working in the yard.

When he trotted over to Lakatos that afternoon, he had a bone in his mouth, and it wasn't the type sold at Petco. Forensics would later identify it as a femur. Soon, she found a bunch of other bones, including a severed spinal cord.The recent rains probably brought them to the surface, Lakatos says.

"We weren't sure if they were human or dog bones," Lakatos remembers. "We felt the right thing to do was call the police, and we did." Shortly after her phone call, two uniformed Delray Beach officers arrived and went poking around in the dirt. They found even more bones. Crime scene investigators were called. They bagged the remains and sent them to forensics for analysis.

"Forensics said it looked too big to be a dog but it could be a child or petite person," Lakatos says." And forensics said they were cut and really, really old."