West Palm Cop Makes Smartphone App to Avoid Being Caught Cheating on Your Lover

Need help making sure your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/other doesn't find out you're getting some on the side? West Palm Beach cop Phillip Immler has an app for that.

CATE -- the Call And Text Eraser -- is the product of Immler's genius, a smartphone app that intercepts phone calls and text messages from whomever you're trysting with and hides them.

To access your booty calls, you have to go into the application -- which is password-protected.

Immler tells WPTV he created the app because a "friend" went through a divorce after his wife found what was going on in his phone.

He says he was also motivated to make the app by being on the job as a cop and seeing all of the domestic violence situations sparked by cellphone antics.

For only $2.99, you can tell everyone the cops are helping you lie about sleeping with your significant other-other.

Here's a video of an almost-hot lady giving the thumbs-up to the CATE app:

If you're looking to avoid the police, instead of paying them money, try the apps that help avoid speeding tickets, secretly record the cops, get away from a DUI checkpoint, or listen in to see what they're talking about.

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