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Jeremy Sherrill Gave Woman a "Job Interview," Which Included Him Masturbating... and More

Jeremy William Sherrill told a woman he met on MySpace that he had a job for her as a receptionist that paid $18 per hour with full benefits and wanted to meet her for an interview.

The "interview" never took place, and based on what Sherrill did during their meeting, a jury found him guilty yesterday of sexual battery.

Sherrill told the woman on January 5, 2010, that he was going out of town and could meet her at a West Palm Beach gas station between 11:30 p.m. and midnight that day while he was driving on his way to Fort Lauderdale, according to a police report.

The woman told Sherrill she thought his proposal for a job interview that happens around midnight at a gas station was "unprofessional," but Sherrill said he needed someone to start working the following Monday.

Sherrill picked her up from the gas station and said they were driving "to the business" for the interview, about 15 minutes away.

During the drive, Sherrill began calling the woman "beautiful" and started stroking her face, according to the cops.

Sherrill described to the woman what exactly his "business" does, which he explained "sold products and shipped them out" from a Lake Worth warehouse.

That's when the cops say Sherrill stopped his car and told the woman, "Look, I just want you to give me head."

The woman attempted to get out of the car, but police say Sherrill would hit the accelerator when she tried. Sherrill ended up locking the doors, as the woman explained that she wasn't going to comply with Sherrill's demands.

That's when Sherrill pulled out his penis.

According to the police report, Sherrill began to masturbate "quickly" before grabbing the woman by the head and hair and forcing her to give him oral sex.

Sherrill then began recording the assault with his cell phone and told the woman, "If you work for me, I am going to have you whenever I want," the report states.

Once Sherrill was done sexually battering the woman, he drove her back to her car and said that he was sorry and that his wife had died four months ago.

The woman warned Sherrill, who told the woman his name was "Joaquin," that if he ever tried to contact her again, she would report what happened to police.

She ended up going to the cops a couple of months later, and as investigators were trying to find out who "Joaquin" really was, Sherrill allegedly tried to do the same thing to another woman two days after the first victim went to the cops.

That woman managed to escape Sherrill's car, but the cops say he made off with her purse.

Police eventually identified Sherrill from phone records, and he denied trying to get either woman to give him oral sex, although he said he "felt bad" about what he did, without explaining what he was feeling bad about.

Sherrill admitted to police that not only did he not own a company but he didn't need a receptionist for his imaginary company either.

Sherrill now faces 15 years in prison after being convicted by a jury, and the Palm Beach State Attorney's Office says the sentencing will take place "at a later date."

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