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Broward Requires Gas Stations to List Highest Prices; We Consult a Performance Artist

The Broward Commission has passed an ordinance to require gas station signs to advertise the highest prices they charge, not the lower, cash-only prices. The commission passed the amended ordinance, introduced by Lois Wexler, last week, and announced it in a press release.

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That reminded us of an episode last year, when "the most expensive gas station in America," Sun Gas in Orlando, was fined $250 a day for not revealing its sky-high prices. We caught up with Brian Feldman, a performance artist who decided to fix the problem up there.

"That station was particularly infamous in Orlando for price-gouging," says Feldman. The gas station is located near the airport, where hapless families must return their rental cars with a full tank. The city required them to advertise their ridiculous prices, and they declined. "The day they were slated to have a court hearing, I thought I'd play the role of the missing sign," Feldman says. Most people were supportive, although a gas station employee tried to have his car towed (he doesn't have one).

There's no indication that any gas stations around here would choose not to comply with Broward's new requirement, which will eliminate the old cash-or-credit bait and switch. But Feldman stepped right into the middle of the regulation dispute.

Feldman says he wouldn't be as ticked off about the cash/credit confusion. "You usually know about that going in," he says. "Here, you're kind of blindsided" by the high prices.

We'll keep him on call in case any gas station declines to comply.

From the county's release:

Gas prices posted on signs at gasoline stations in Broward County must now reveal the highest price for any grade of gasoline that you'll pay for at the pump, whether you're paying with cash, a credit card or a debit card.

Also, gasoline stations offering full and self-service must clearly state the words "Self-Service" on the sign if the price refers to self-service pumps only.