The True Creator of Batman Never Got Credit, and Now His Granddaughter Fights to Correct History

Video by Mitchel Worley and Ryan Pfeffer

Evil is bald. Evil is bearded. And today, Tamerlane -- who passes for evil personified here at UltraCon -- clunks his combat boots down the turquoise carpet of the Broward Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, swinging around a riding crop like a five-star general. "There's only two places I'm comfortable!" he announces. "Fetish parties and cosplay!"

A gloved hand menacingly strokes his fire-red beard. Tinted sunglasses shield his eyes. His lips, hitched in a say-cheese grin, frame a gold grill. Around him, geeks hawk comics, adults waddle in Pokémon costumes, and nerds play Magic the Gathering. All eyes fix on Tamerlane.

Sounding like a classic English thespian who's been hitting the crack pipe, he booms,"Buy! Buy! Buy! Capitalism at its best, people. Shop away. Help the government."