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Rick Scott Breaks Heart of Local Cardiologist

Summing up the Super Bowl: bad rendition of the national anthem, mess of a halftime show, mixed bag of commercials. As an afterthought, the game was pretty good (Packers took it away from the Steelers, literally).

Onto more important matters, like who runs the State of Florida.

In light of Gov. Rick Scott's unlikely rise to power, who are the biggest local losers and winners? Well, there are long lists on both sides, but let's start with one of each:

Winner: Lobbyist William Rubin. Rubin, who has partnered with the likes of Russ Klenet and Ron Book, has been representing Scott's business interests in Tallahassee for several years. You can bet Rubin, a Democrat who began his lobbying career through the revolving door after serving as assistant state insurance commissioners, is already reaping some of the benefits of his close association with the governor. It should more than make up for what he lost several years back when his good friend, former Broward Sheriff Ken Jenne, was convicted of federal crimes. Then again, Rubin has never hurt for clients.

Inside, see who the loser is.

Loser: Broward Hospital District heart surgeon Michael Chizner. The controversial doc has had sweetheart contracts at that taxpayer-financed district for many years. More recently, he was named chairman of the powerful state Board of Medicine, which oversees all doctors in Florida. Former Gov. Charlie Crist had appointed him to the post four years ago. As blogger John De Groot noted, NBHD boss Frank Nask gushed in a news release on January 11: "We congratulate Dr. Chizner on being elected to this high post. Broward Health is indeed fortunate to have a physician of the caliber of Dr. Chizner, who provides the highest level of patient care to our community, and who is dedicated to raising the standard of medicine practiced in Broward County and across the entire state of Florida." Blah blah blah. Chizner got a chance to chair one meeting before Scott tossed him off the board.

Hey, that's the second Scott move that I've liked.