LeBron James: Ohio Rejects Vanity Plates Expressing Hatred for LBJ

Apparently Ohioans being butthurt about LeBron James leaving Cleveland to join the Miami Heat is still a thing.

So much so that the State of Ohio has been receiving requests for vanity plates that express hatred for all things LeBron.

Because it's not enough to call a sports talk radio show or burn a jersey or carry signs to the games or yell rude things at the television. Ohioans want to make a statement by paying an extra fee so that when they drive by with their LJSUXDK license plate, people can go Whoa, now that guy really hates LeBron!

State officials have had to reject several requests, as per their rules of not having a plate that has profanity, is obscene, is sexually explicit, is offensive, or contains references to shit in any way (no, really; the state says no "scatological" plates allowed).

Among the LeBron haterz plate requests:


Technically these plates aren't obscene and don't have profanity or feature anything to do with poop, so Ohio is being kinda fascist about the whole thing. 

Unless being inaccurate is deemed offensive. (Because LeBron doesn't, in fact, suck. He's quite the opposite of that, actually.)

Or maybe "sux" falls under being obscene.

Either way, Ohioans are gonna have to look elsewhere to express their derision over LeBron playing out the entirety of his seven-year contract without ever demanding a trade and then expressing his right as a free agent to sign with another team (oh, but he did it on TV and then had a pep rally... YOU VILE BASTARD!! YOU DO SUX!!).

Or, maybe they can get the fuck over it already.


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