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Day 50: Is Black Gold Gonna Take Down Our President?

A few weeks ago, I wrote that the oil leak in the Gulf was like an action movie desperately in need of a hero.

We still don't have one, least of all President Obama.

Now Obama is talking about finding an "ass to kick" over the devastating spill. That's just a little tough talk to cover for his weak actions. This is going to haunt the president in his reelection bid. It might ultimately wreck him. If that oil starts washing up on Florida and the eastern seaboard, which seems likely, it will go from horrific environmental disaster to potentially fatal political disaster for the president.

Obama has played footsie with BP for way too long. He should have put the Joint Chiefs of Staff in charge of this thing as soon as the extent of the problem became clear and given them a directive: Stop that flow in three days. The military, given total freedom, would have ended the damned thing by blowing it up and collapsing the goddamned well.

Why hasn't this been done? Because BP doesn't want it done. It would likely kill the well forever and BP would lose billions in future profits. Click here for the ideas from a former nuclear submarine captain.

I'm disappointed as hell. Obama has handled this exactly the way Bush and Cheney, oil men both, would have done it. That is by deferring to the greedy oil company and forsaking the environment and the American people.

On another topic, are you still undecided on Florida Hometown Democracy's Amendment 4, which will take comprehensive land plan changes out of the hands of developers and lobbyists and into the hands of the people? Well, when in doubt, you might want to ask WWCHD? What would Florida's leading man of letters, Carl Hiaasen, do? Answer after the jump -- and there's a movie.