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Fort Lauderdale Named Second-Most-Exciting Place in Florida

Another day, another reminder that Fort Lauderdale is awesome.

While the Venice of America has been hitting the top rankings in national surveys, it was about time the city was placed against other cities in its own state.

And, thanks to real estate blog Movoto, Fort Lauderdale ranks as the number-two most exciting place in the Sunshine State, behind only Miami Beach (which is debatable).

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Add this to the growing list of why Fort Lauderdale kicks all the butt, such as having one of the best downtowns in the nation, being one of the most environmentally responsible cities in the nation, and one of the most affordable summer destinations in the nation, it's a wonder Obama hasn't yet declared it The Best Place On Earth.

Hell, Fort Lauderdale is even one of the best places to park your car!

As for this latest ranking, Movoto was able to put it all together by first looking at places with a population of more than 30,000, which came to 99. From there, it narrowed things down using a highly sophisticated formula to make its rankings.

And by "highly sophisticated formula," we mean, it looked at each city's nightlife, bars, clubs, and music venues as well as places where people can lead active lifestyles such as parks. It also looked at each city's culture, art, food venues, and entertainment. And, finally, it looked at the average age in each town, with 18 through 34 being the most ideal.

This was all done using the 2010 U.S. Census and local business listings.

Movoto then entered its data into something it calls the Big Deal Score and pulled out its rankings.

And boom, Fort Lauderdale came in at two.

From Movoto:

If you're making a second stop, however, it should definitely be Fort Lauderdale. With great scores in non-fast food restaurants, active life options, arts,and nightlife, it's hard to find a downside to this city. It's even home to a ton of colleges, like The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, to keep that young vibe going strong.

We did mention the awesome restaurants here for a reason. Given that this place is a major tourism spot, and kind of highbrow, you can find just about any type of cuisine under the sun. From Gilbert's 17th Street Grill to Green Bar & Kitchen, people with all sorts of palates and dietary restrictions can find something to satisfy those cravings.

Here's the Top Ten: 1. Miami Beach 2. Fort Lauderdale 3. Miami 4. Sarasota 5. Orlando 6. Coral Gables 7. Boca Raton 8. Tampa 9. Fort Myers 10. Hollywood

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