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Lauderdale Stock Broker a Tokin' Case for Fortune Article on Medical Marijuana

If anyone can convince the squares who read Fortune magazine about the medicinal qualities of marijuana, it's Irv Rosenfeld. After all, his dozen-joint-per-day habit hasn't kept him from being a successful Fort Lauderdale stock broker.

The massive article begins with Rosenfeld picking up the Fortune reporter in a cannabis-clouded SUV, then taking him down I-95. Safely, we can assume, since the reporter lived to tell about the encounter.

In my six or so hours with (Rosenfeld), during which he drove me from Fort Lauderdale to Miami and back, all the while chain-smoking joints, I never noticed any apparent impact on him, other than an occasional cough.
Rosenfeld gets his weed straight from Uncle Sam, which sounds like a sweet scam, except that it's a necessary treatment for his rare bone condition.