God-Fearing Entrepreneur or Cold-Hearted Con Man? Either Way, Dushaun Smith Is Motivated

Dushaun Smith doesn't want you to think he's a criminal.

"You don't feed milk to a stray cat," says the longtime Fort Lauderdale resident. "I'm careful how I feed the media milk. They keep coming back for more."

It started out with a feel-good story like this, about the summer camp for low-income kids that Smith started last year. Then came stories like this, about how he was sent to prison for trying to pay camp employees with a phony check. Then reports surfaced that his latest endeavor, a daycare tuition-assistance fund for poor families, was a fraud. He's facing those accusations after another jail stint in Tallahassee for probation violation.

Most egregious of all, say the angry parents, is the fact that he claims his work is motivated by God. The name of the daycare group: Keep the Faith Ministries.