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LeBron James to Produce Sitcom for Starz

He's won world championships, Olympic gold, MVPs, made commercials, obliterated Jason Terry, and has been a cartoon. And now, LeBron James is adding sitcom producer to his résumé.

And, just as he did with Dwyane Wade, LeBron is joining forces with another who has been a force in his respective field -- in this case, television.

According to an AP report, LeBron is partnering with the creator of The Cosby Show and Roseanne to create his own sitcom. This time for Starz.

LeBron and his business partner and BFF, Maverick Carter, have reportedly hooked up with producer Tom Werner to create a half-hour sitcom called Survivor's Remorse.

The show's premise will focus on two people who get out of the Philadelphia inner city and make it big and famous.

The show's characters grapple with fame, fortune and everything that goes with it -- just as James has since playing his way out of the Akron inner city.

The show's title apparently comes from the characters' wrestling with having "made it" while their friends and peers continue to struggle back in Philly.

It's too early to say if the show will be must-watch TV or if it'll be more Fresh Prince or Curb Your Enthusiasm.

(Ya can't go wrong with either, really.)

Either way, Starz has not had the best track record as far as great original cable programming is concerned, save maybe for Spartacus. And Maverick Carter was the genius behind LeBron's "The Decision" program when James infamously announced his intentions to go to the Miami Heat on live national television.

Still, the premise is something LeBron can relate to. And, as we've seen time and again, James can be something of a clown, as evidenced on some of his commercials and Instagram photos.

Also, this:

Should be interesting, no matter what.

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