Boynton Beach Senior Citizen Assaults Roommate After Argument Over Open Refrigerator

We've all had those small-change domestic spats with our roommates that end up blowing into big deals. Where's my favorite hoodie? Why didn't you DVR this week's Big Bang Theory? Shut the fucking refrigerator door. You know the drill.

Unfortunately for a pair of Palm Beach County senior citizens, a little argument about something we can all relate to ended in a call to the sheriff's department and criminal charges.

Sixty-six-year-old Gilles Imbeault had been renting a room from a 74-year-old friend for only 30 days when the domestic situation went haywire. According to the Palm Beach Post, Imbeault and the homeowner got into a fight this week when the latter reminded his tenant to close the refrigerator door.

Imbeault apparently didn't like that. The two fought, and the younger man allegedly took a swing at the unnamed homeowner. He was able to block the punch with his left hand, but he ended up crashing to the ground.

Palm Beach County Sheriff deputies were called to the residence, located in 700 block of North Papaya Lane. Imbeault was arrested and charged with battery on a person 65 years or older. A witness on the scene backed up the homeowner's account of the assault.

So, no matter how terrible your Thanksgiving was, at least you didn't get slugged by a 66-year-old who can't close the fucking refrigerator door.

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