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Morning Juice: World Cup Fever Abates; Billionaire Sex Offender Off Probation

​​South Florida employers might notice fewer sick days among their minions now that the World Cup is finally over. The Spain-over-Holland victory may be good news for the Boss Man but not for those folks who finally understand what all the fuss is over "soccer."

In other news:

A Coral Springs cop accused of choking and smacking his wife won a vindication of sorts: an arbitrator ruled the Coral Springs PD wrongly suspended him and owes him back pay. [Miami Herald]

Terminal 2 at Fort Lauderdale's airport was evacuated late last night after smoke set off an alarm, forcing ten flights to disembark instead at Terminal 1. [Sun-Sentinel]

A European investment group snagged 64 (!) condominiums at Las Olas by the River for the unbelievably low, low price of about $165,000 apiece for the two- and three-bedroom units, making Fort Lauderdale the Sam's Club of bulk-rate condos. [Sun-Sentinel]


Billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein gets off probation next week, which means he can fly to his private Virgin Island and his eight-story Manhattan mansion without permission from his probation officer. Critics point out the dude had an easy time on probation, compared with, say, nonbillionaires. [Palm Beach Post]

Twenty-one-year-old Brittany Mejors of Riviera Beach was charged with two counts of child neglect after her niece (age 7) and nephew (age 2) tumbled out of her moving car on an Interstate 95 on-ramp. The boy suffered broken teeth and the girl bruises and abrasions. [Palm Beach Post]

Seventy-seven-year-old Johnny Jones, a champion of conservation whose work helped save a million acres in the Everglades and the Lake Okeechobee area from development, has died. In a 15-year period, he successfully lobbied for 71 environmental bills, despite his modest education. Maybe more plumbers should help out the Everglades [Palm Beach Post