NEW UPDATE: Cop Shoots and Kills Man, Richard Montero, in Palm Beach

The Sun-Sentinel is reporting another cop shooting this morning. A Palm Beach County sheriff's deputy evidently shot and killed a man, ***44-year-old Richard Montero ***, during a traffic stop at Summit Boulevard and Jog Road in West Palm Beach around 6:30 a.m.

UPDATE: It now appears that as with the PBSO shooting in Lantana two weeks ago, Tasers used in an attempt to subdue the man, who was acting violently, were unsuccessful. 

The Sheriff's Office is reporting that a PBSO deputy had pulled over a red Toyota stopped to aid a man in a blue Ford Explorer. The stop turned into a physical fight, which ended with the deputy two deputies *first Tasing* and then shooting the man. He was pronounced dead at the hospital Delray Medical Center. Neither the deputy nor the man has been named, but the Sheriff's Office has said that he had a previous arrest for assault on a law enforcement officer.

This makes the second time in two weeks that a civilian has been shot and killed by a Palm Beach County deputy after a Taser failed to incapacitate the victim. The earlier incident occurred when PBSO deputies were serving a warrant on Allen Hunter in Lantana on March 23.

WPTV had this comment from the Sheriff:

"This is just another example an extremely violent individual that has tried to overpower two of our deputies. And that's why they had to use the amount of force that they used. They did everything that they could with the tasers, that didn't have any effect on him at all. And, at a certain point in time they just, you know, were basically out of gas and realized that this guy could get the best of them, get their weapons and kill both of them."

The sheriff did not add that in both cases, the victim was unarmed.

A call to PBSO spokeswoman Teri Barbera has not yet been returned. We'll update after we talk to her.