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Koala Overdose

The Australian bush fires that started on Saturday have racked up a devastating death toll, with 181 confirmed dead and it could total over 200. How does the world comfort itself? By oohing and ahhing over a rescued koala bear. Get outta the way, you un-cuddly human survivor with unsightly burn wounds. We'd rather care for the now-I-want-one-for-a-pet, thirsty koala bear. Forget the pictures of the carnage, repeat the video that captured this.

While Obama shares in the pain of all the family and friends who have lost people, I am stupefied when the koala bear places his paw on top of the firefighter's hand. And koala bears are even ugly -- they're ugly, distracting creatures. So for the folks who have koala calendars up on your walls, here's a fun fact page on them to further remove yourself from the world.