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Fort Lauderdale Mayoral Candidate Is One of Those Humans Turned On by "Sex"

Imagine a poster like this hanging in Jim Naugle's old office.

Here at New Times, we're porn-positive. (I mean, have you seen what lurks in our back pages?) In this Age of Tolerance, it's high time that a big, Democratic city like Fort Lauderdale have a candidate who's open and unashamed of his prurient interests.

At least we think Earl Rynerson is open about it. He has declared his candidacy for mayor of Fort Lauderdale despite the possibility -- nay, the certainty -- that someone would check out his local legal history. (That would be me -- and apparently Buddy Nevins, the former Sun-Sentinel political columnist.) After all, this is South Florida politics, a contact sport.

For Rynerson that legal history consists of two civil cases involving collection of credit card debt. The public record in the most recent case, filed in 2007, contains several months' worth of credit card transactions. Here's one, from a statement dated 1/31/04. (Click here to enlarge.)

For those who want to talk about The Issues in Fort Lauderdale, please stay tuned for future posts about The Issues. For those who are curious about the entirely legal and perfectly healthy pornographic interests of the man who would be their mayor, an informative  judgment-free zone awaits on the other side of the jump.

You'll notice that one frequent transaction is "," which is connected to This being a period of cost-cutting in journalism, I couldn't expense a membership, but you'll see that if you try to log in, it takes you to this (NSFW!!) page, which encourages you to "please check out these other fine websites," such as Dripping Creampies, Granny Porn, Perky Big Tits, Anal Exploration, and Gay Cowboys. Considering Rynerson is openly gay, I'll guess that he didn't sign up for the grannies or the cream pies.

Another mysterious charge comes from "MIB" from Van Nuys, Calif., the unofficial capital of Porn Valley. I called the number, and the voicemail message identified the business as FM Concepts/KJK Co. A Google search with those terms turned up this (again, NSFW) website. A bondage fetishist's paradise!

Yet another transaction is "ACCESS 4M4M SITE," which turns out to be In case you can't guess what that's about, here's a zero-nudity promo the site posted on youtube.  (Watch the dog -- he gets the best line.)

-- Thomas Francis