Commissioner Eggelletion: 'The Press Is Never Your Friend'

Broward County Commissioner Josephus Eggelletion, who is under criminal investigation right now, made some cryptic remarks at Tuesday's budget meeting:  

Yes, I'm willing to give up some of my salary. In fact, I'll put a number on the table right now. I'm willing to give up $2,500 to $5,000 of my salary back. I don't care. You lead by example. I'm willing to take the cut in whatever I have to take, be it health care and whatever. And God knows I need health care in my condition, you know, facing what I'm facing. I definitely need health care, because without it, I may not live.

Is he simply talking about the stress of the investigation (or investigations), or is Eggelletion facing a health risk? He had surgery for prostate cancer in the past, but he hasn't publicly stated any illness.

One thing he made clear is that he's not happy with the publicity this week about his Parkland golf club membership. When Kristin Jacobs brought up the "press," Eggelletion piped in to say, "Let me remind you of something: The press is never your friend."

"Exactly. You don't have to remind me," replied Jacobs, who actually hasn't much of a hard time in the papers.

"They're never your friend," Eggelletion repeated.

"You're right," said Mayor Stacy Ritter.