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Jessica Simpson Caught By Juice Paparazzi

We here at The Juice don't have much in the way of paparazzi on staff. Really, we're lucky to get a glimpse of Lois Frankel on government access.

But freelance photographer Logan Fazio scored some sweet shots this weekend of Jessica Simpson performing at the 99.9 Kiss Country Chili Cookoff. Who knew the photos would become something of an internet sensation?

Follow the jump for more stretchy pants photos.

Below is a classic runway trick: employing two tiger-patterned belt to hide your elastic pants top.

Call it a frontbutt or a ponch, but we hear it's all the rage this year in Paris (Paris, Arkansas).

You know, the best part of the muffin is the top.

Yeah, sure, it could be a photography, trick, but is that keyboard player's head seriously half the size of her rump?

Click here for a slideshow of photos from the Chili Cookoff.