Paul Ryan Will Talk About Medicare When He Does Eventually Come to Florida

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When Mitt Romney hit Florida earlier this week, his running mate, Paul Ryan, went to Iowa instead. The Romney campaign insisted that they just wanted to spread the wealth (haha -- see what we did there?) and get things cranking with RomRy hitting up different places at different times.

But the real reason might be because the campaign wanted to keep the lamestream media from changing the OBAMA WILL EAT YOUR LIVER WITH FAVA BEANS AND A NICE CHIANTI Republican narrative to Ryan's controversial Medicare proposals.

But the campaign is insisting that Ryan will talk Medicare when he visits Tampa this weekend for a fundraiser.

Ryan's proposal basically calls for big-time cuts in Medicare. This would, of course, be bad for the elderly, who, as you may have noticed, live in droves down here in Florida.

Republicans insist that these changes wouldn't impact current Medicare recipients. And warn that the only other option is insolvency.

But not all GOPers are buying Ryan's ideas. In fact, former Reagan budget director David A. Stockman wrote an op-ed piece this week eviscerating Ryan's budget proposals, calling it a "fairy-tale" and saying the plan is "devoid of credible math or hard policy choices." He also says Ryan has a "fetish for cutting the top marginal income-tax rate for 'job creators' -- i.e. the superwealthy."

Coming from a former Reagan staffer, that's a kick in the pills for Ryan and the GOP ticket.

Maybe Ryan will just come out and tell old people to forget Medicare and start taking up P90X like he does.