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Miami Herald Will Charge You Money to Read an Article It Copied and Pasted From the CBS4 Website

The folks at the Miami Herald recently erected a paywall to charge people to read their stuff. They call it the Miami Herald Plus +. (We're not sure if that should read Miami Herald Plus Plus or not, but we digress.)

And what do you get for forking over your cash to be able to read the Plus Plus Plus Plus??

The same stuff you pretty much get for free at other news sites.

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The Herald apparently pretty much cut and pasted and entire article from the CBS4 website and then put it up behind its Multiple Pluses Paywall for people to read -- at a low, low subscription price.

The article in question is this story about a New Year's Day murder, which was originally reported by CBS4 themselves.

And, as you can see from the screenshots below, it's the same exact article (save for a few slight differences here and there). The main difference: The Herald charges its readers for it.

This whole fiasco of the Herald taking from others seems awfully... familiar.

But maybe that's just a coincidence?

Hey, we're in the blogging business. We aggregate a lot. We know how tough it is to dip into another news outlet's story and then put our own spin on it. It's what blogs do.

But cutting and pasting and then charging for it? Not cool, bros.

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