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Fort Lauderdale Boat Show Starts Today: Big Buck Boats

Ticket sales are up for the world's largest in-water boast show, which starts today. Last year, 100,000 people attended but you may remember, the extravaganza was hampered by Superstiorm Sandy's landfill in the Northeast,.

The show, which runs through the weekend features crazy expensive yachts, big time boat dealers, and more salesmanship than you can shake a captain's hat at.

The best way to see the show -- and it is a an astounding sight -- is to take the $10 all-day Water Taxi. The schedule is posted here.

Brownie's Yacht Diver is offering the flyboard, below right, which is the most amazing way to see the water and costs a while heckuva lot less than the yachts.

The boat show, which celebrates its 54th anniversary this year, has become a Fort Lauderdale tradition. There will be firweworks and a kids boat safety workshop. Restaurants on the beach also make a mint, and it kicks off the tourist season.

There will also be a terrible traffic mess. The city is closing off parts of Broward Boulevard, Sunrise Boulevard and Eller Drive. Drawbridges on Third Avenue and Andrews will also be opened regularly, so it is best to avoid the area if you can for the next three days..

Or you can attempt to take a ride on this beauty by Jarrett Bay, which will have several boats on display. Maybe there's a swordfish out there with your name on it.

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