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Pot Boat Washes Ashore on Fort Lauderdale Beach

A small, unmanned, boat washed ashore onto Ft. Lauderdale beach early Monday morning.

And while boats washing ashore is nothing new to South Florida, this particular boat had several bales of pot on board.

Come to think of it, boats washing ashore with bales of pot in them is nothing new in South Florida, either.

Either way... POT BOAT.

The Sun-Sentinel reports that the vessel washed ashore near Oakland Park Boulevard and North Ocean Boulevard.

According to Fort Lauderdale Police Detective DeAnna Greenlaw, cops found several packages the size of text books on board, that they believe to be marijuana.

However, there were no people on the boat.

It's believed the boat washed ashore just before dawn Monday morning.

Apparently, a blue barrel was spotted on the sand not far from where the boat washed ashore. Police aren't saying if the barrel has any connection to the boat, or the pot.

But we've all seen Breaking Bad, so the barrel obviously has to do something with drugs.

Or not.

Either way, police took the barrel, just in case.

For now, the police and the U.S. Coast Guard are investigating the situation, and no one has been apprehended.

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